Top 10 amenities near Alex Residences condo Singapore

The consideration of amenities is not important while looking for an apartment only, but also for any kind of property. Amenities basically cover things such as locations, access to parks, public transports, famous scenic beauties around a particular location, colleges, shopping centres and a bunch of such things. A building company will take amenities under consideration in order to attract more customers, who look for amenities for the sake of their leisure and an easy access to everything around them. Therefore, for the exact same reason, Alex Residences have chosen an ideal location for their Alex Residences Condo Singapore project.

Let’s discuss all the top 10 amenities near to Alex Residences.

Singapore Botanic Gardens near Alex Residences Condo Singapore

The Singapore Botanic Gardens hold great importance to the Singapore and its citizens because it is the only topical garden which is honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a home to the world’s largest Orchid display. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a pride to all the Singaporeans. The residents of Alex Residences will be able to spend some quality time with their families in the Singapore Botanic Gardens it is only 9 minutes of drive away from the Alex Residences showflat.

alex residences condo singapore

Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill also knows as the paradise found is an excellent source of entertainment. Singaporeans, especially the tourists love to visit Dempsey Hill because it has many famous restaurants and amazing shopping points. The good thing is that Dempsey Hill is only 13 minutes of drive away from the Alex Residences Condo Singapore, making it easily accessible to the residents.

Park Connector

Walking and cycling are two of the most popular activities among the Singaporeans and the reason for this fact is the Singapore Park Connectors. The Singapore Park Connector will be accessible to the residents of Alex Condo by just 3 minutes of the walking distance. People really enjoy going there, it is made according to the modern era and there is also a food court.


Sentosa is a very famous island resort in Singapore. The very famous theme park of Singapore, knows as the Universal Studios Singapore is also a part of this Sentosa island. The Sentosa island is only 13 minutes of drive away from the Alex Condo.

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a nature park with the three waterfront gardens. It is a very popular destination, especially for the tourists. The Gardens by the Bay is approximately 15 minutes of drive away from the Alex Condo.

Raffles Place

Raffles place is only 9 minutes of drive away from the Alex Residences Condo Singapore and it is one of the very important locations of the Singapore. It features some of the tallest buildings of Singapore.

Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay

The Esplanade is a huge, performing arts centre which is located in Marina Bay. Most of the fun events such as concerts and festivals are organized in this theatre. It is only 10 minutes of drive away from the residence.

Tiong Bahru Estate

It is the oldest housing estate of Singapore, which is located in its central region and is also 10 minutes of drive away from the Alex Condo.

Dempsey Hill Metro Station

The Dempsey Hill Metro Station is really close to the Alex Residences, which means that the Dempsey Hill and many other sites will be easily accessible.

Redhill MRT

Redhill MRT is just around the corner of Alex Residences Condo Singapore, solving the problem of transportation for the residents who do not have access to personal vehicles.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love with Highline Residences Condo

Highline Residences condo is on the common hub for the investors. Investors are investing the Highline residence because of its market influence. Singapore is a country where local investor tend to invest on the short investment. But Highline residence investors are across the globe that is why highline residence is gaining investors all around the world.

World class planers are deciding how each apartment is going to look. The supervisor itself is award winner. He overseas ever apartment as if its own apartment was being made. This is one the reason why highline residence is famous all over the world. Although Highline Residences Condo is being designed but it has already caught the eye of the major and local buyers.

Highline residences according to stats is very much going to boom in the future. Consider this a secure investment if you are aiming for long term investment. Plus Highline residence once done will see sufficient increase of the investment around its surrounding areas. That is big for even the new investment.

As being state of the art highline residences has modern infrastructure. Infrastructure has been playing so important part in Highline residence boosting all around the world. The infrastructure is based on the vast history of Singapore. Which shows the war the efforts of the country. Modernized form of the past infrastructure gathers its own customers.

Highline Residences condo

The most common problem in a resident area nowadays faces when there are limited form. Means a residence would well designed but they would be only for one person. If designed for a family it would be so limited that they couldn’t store their things. But Highline residences are suitable for the single person as well as for the whole family. Highline residence is so vast. That it looks more than it is.

Highline residences condo is located in the heart of the Singapore. People tend to move around the Singapore a lot due to low fare public transport. So traveling point of view if the Highline residence was to be in faraway people would have easily traveled there. Plus the surrounding properties of the Highline residence has historical value. Historical value plays a special part people tend to visit it often.

The parking space of the Highline Residences is so huge. That it can contain half of the cars of the Singapore and still there would be space to store more cars there. People tend to park cars in Highline residence parking area and leave it there for a month due to its high security. A daily check is done on the number of the cars standing in parking area.

Highline Residences condo has so many schools near it. The school are in the surroundings. As mentioned above the land has historical value that teaches students a sense of responsibility for their mother country. Plus Singapore is famous for its educational system. A lot of foreign students join Singapore every year to study further.

Singapore has always been famous for high rents. Highline Residences once completed. Rents of Highline residences will skyrocket.

Highline Residences showflat is located on-site, on the existing national park itself.

Clement Canopy to launch cheaper than The Trilinq

Clement Canopy is one of the finest condominiums that you would want to live in. There are many things that are great about this living estate. There are countless facilities for the residents. The future residents can check everything that they want to know about clement canopy by visiting the showroom.

There are several residential sites in Western part of Singapore. There are people that come to Singapore for different reasons, and those purposes of their being there are what make them choose the place that they stay in. There are several places that you can stay in when you come to Singapore.

If you are coming as a tourist, there are very great and astonishing hotels that you can stay in. But if you are coming here for longer periods or are thinking about shifting here with family, you must choose from the different condominiums for an apartment, if you savvy a luxurious lifestyle.

Viewing of The Clement Canopy showflat is required. There are several perks for the future residents on clement canopy, for example, the location is perfect, the design is beautiful, the Clement Canopy floor plan is unique and many other things, and you get all this with prices lesser than most of the other estates.

The Clement Canopy clubhouse interior

Pricing Comparison between Clement Canopy and the rest

When you are buying an apartment, there are many things that you must keep in mind. Pricing is one of those things. It is very important for you to notice the prices and the facilities that are being provided to you by the developers.

Sometimes you might get a lot of facilities for reasonable prices, and sometime you might get fewer facilities for more prices. These are the little things that matter a lot and cannot be ignored. They can cave a lot of money if used they have been thought through.

Considering the facilities that you have been provided in Clement Canopy, it is safe to think that the price will be high. The location is perfect, and many other facilities are available within the establishment. While another estate names The Trilinq at Jalan Lempeng that is also very popular but costs a lot more. An apartment with two bedrooms in the Trilinq costs about S$ 1,260,000, while an apartment with 2 bedrooms in clement canopy costs less than a million. That is a lot of difference.

Perks of Living in Clement Canopy

Clement Canopy is the perfect place for all sorts of people. You can easily reach anywhere if you live in clement canopy. The location is perfect. It has many transport services near it. You can easily reach any part of the city from your home without the fear of getting stuck in traffic. There are many amenities near the residence.

There are numerous schools that are very close. You don’t have to worry about or covering far distances to go to school. There are many shopping malls and stores that are close to the residence for further convenience.

The Most Reliable Taxi Companies In Singapore

In Singapore, it’s a small but modern nation. You will notice huge skyscrapers filling the skyline, one of the hubbub of city existence in Singapore. Additionally, Singapore is a major buying and selling hub for Asia, its shipping port is among the busiest on the planet, and it is the financial center is a key player within the East Asian markets. Therefore for everyone this different and dynamic…

In Singapore, it’s a small but modern nation. You will notice huge skyscrapers filling the skyline, one of the hubbub of city existence in Singapore. Additionally, Singapore is a major buying and selling hub for Asia, its shipping port is among the busiest on the planet, and it is the financial center is a key player within the East Asian markets. Therefore for everyone this different and dynamic country, this beautiful city includes a modern infrastructure to aid many modes of transportation to assist transport people throughout town. Probably the most popular way of transport is as simple as Cab. You will find endless levels of taxi companies in Singapore, how do we know which taxi clients are reliable? Listed here are three from the good cab companies to make use of in Singapore.

1.) Comfort Cabs

Comfort Cabs is a member of enhanced Comfort Delgro group; that is mind quartered within the U . s. States. It’s most likely typically the most popular cab company in Singapore as her largest network of taxis available. Each cab is fully outfitted having a Gps navigation device, which helps to ensure that the taxi driver may take you to any Singapore without any issues on directions. Also, it has a condition of the art ordering system, where one can easily call a cab through the Internet, phone, by SMS texting. Also, they are a couple of taxi companies within the city that accept charge cards or an atm card as a kind of payment.

2.) City Cabs

City Cabs can also be of enhanced Comfort Delgro group. Strangely enough, traveling in a town Cab is exactly like traveling in a Comfort Cab. The only real difference would be that the City Cabs are yellow color. The same benefits you receive from the Comfort Cab will also be present in a town Cab (such as the realization they also accept charge cards as a kind of payment).

3.) SMRT Cabs

The following most widely used taxis could be from SMRT Cabs. They belong to the SMRT group, the same company that runs the MRT subway trains in Singapore. Lately, most of the SMRT cabs have upgraded to newer Chevrolet cars, and also have appeared to possess more cabs readily available for people. Just one benefit for implementing their professional services is the fact that their taxi charges are less costly than Comfort and City cabs, as well as accept your EZ-link subway/bus card as a kind of payment.

Here you’ve it Find Article, the 3 most widely used and many reliable taxi companies to make use of in Singapore.